We use sounds and images generated from seismic data in various forms to convey the nature of earthquakes, seismic waves and other aspects of the physics of the Earth. This project, in its various evolving manifestations, is a collaboration between Ben Holtzman,  Jason Candler,  and Douglas Repetto with contributions from many people over the years. For much of this story, see our old site, “Sounds of Seismology“. We work closely with Matt Turk, Joachim Gossmann and Nolan Lem, in the context of developing these sounds and movies for our ongoing “SeismoDome” show on earthquakes and seismology at the Hayden Planetarium, American Museum of Natural History, NYC.

Ben and Jason built the first Sound Ring in October, 2006 for the Open House at the Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory, with the help of Vala Hjorleifdottir, Liz Starin, Meredith Nettles, Jim Gaherty, Art Lerner-Lam and others. We are currently developing versions of this exhibit for museums, and welcome any interest and collaboration in the incorporation of this approach in science education at any level. Please contact benh (at) ldeo.columbia.edu or jason (at) guarsh.com.

The contents of this website are copyrighted by Ben Holtzman and Jason Candler, 2006-present, except for contents created by others, as referenced within.